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I like to make web and print look awesome Since moving to Canada life has gotten very interesting. My design horizons have been opened up and I'm ready to meet the new challenges ahead! I am a graphic/website designer, born and raised in Scotland, now living in Burlington, Ontario. I work for Thrillworks as a graphic designer.
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Born and raised in Scotland, I have over 8 years of experience working in agencies with all levels of print, web and commercials. I am currently with Thrillworks in Burlington, Ontario. I have recently been responsible for work with Tim Hortons,, SPC Card, Mattel and Cheestrings. I believe myself to be a creative master but always a student and generally an all round good egg.
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I recently started work at the incredibly awesome thrillworks inc so Iím currently not available for freelance work. For any projects please feel free to contact me there! I also love to talk to people so please feel free to get in touch by clicking the links on the right or by email!

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